Mae Krell is a live music, portrait and lifestyle photographer currently residing in NYC.

Mae has been practicing visual arts since they were six, but started taking photography and music as serious art forms in 2014. Since then, they have created a name for themself by shooting for Substream Magazine, Alternative Press, JAM magazine, MusicLegends magazine, A Music Blog, yeah? and most notably, Rolling Stone Magazine.

Mae has photographed and collaborated with companies such as but not limited to: Brandy Melville USA, American Apparel, John Galt USA, Jump From Paper, Triangl Swimwear, WeSC, etc.

In addition to taking photos, Mae also sings, plays guitar, and writes. Their debut EP, Anabasis, released on February 16th, 2018, and they spent the following summer touring cross country in support of the release, playing 35 shows in 30+ states. In addition to all of this, Mae also had the privilege of being able to publish a book of poetry in November of 2013, titled "All The Things I Never Said", (which they aren't very proud of) but nevertheless, can be found at , , etc.

Mae is also the founder and editor in chief of Tongue Tied Magazine, which is a by teens for teens magazine featuring music, fashion, arts & life, and literary content.

Mae is always available for booking of any kind, and available for travel. feel free to contact them directly by email, phone, or by using the form on the "contact" page of this website.